The 6 phases of
AMANDA Implementation Methodology [AIM]

CSDC team collects documented business processes and develops an understanding of the client’s infrastructure to prepare detailed plans for project and resource allocation.

Verify Scope & Develop Prototype.
CSDC’s experts share industry best practices and assist clients to develop a prototype system based on all their needs.

Analyze Needs.
CSDC’s team works with client staff to conduct in-depth analysis of client business workflows to identify gaps between current and future states and resolve them with best solutions.

CSDC configures and updates AMANDA based on the functional specification / configuration documents with a QA Review performed on each.

Train & Test.
CSDC conducts knowledge transfer sessions with key client staff on AMANDA and assists clients with UAT plan preparations and execution to enable self-sufficiency post go-live.

Go-Live & Close the Project.
Promote AMANDA into the production environment with CSDC resources standing by to support and assist as needed.

Mobile productivity becomes a boon for inspectors.
Ed Peck, Project Manager, Jefferson County Building Safety Division, talks about AMANDA's notable contribution to improving the productivity of field inspectors.

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