The AMANDA Case Management Platform.
It is fully configurable by you without coding.

8 features to streamline your business processes.
Makes life easier and way more productive.

Grant public access over the web.

Enable your customers to apply, submit, track, manage, and pay online.

Go mobile from day one.

Give your field staff the power to access, share, store and upload information on the go.

Integrate easily with other apps.

Gain control over all your applications. Connect AMANDA seamlessly with other apps. 

Grant 3rd-party access without fuss.

Let your internal and external associates securely access your data for work.

Consolidate your information in one place. 

Get all your master data into one database - Property, People, Assets, Vehicles, the works.

Control, with dynamic workflow engine.

Manage tasks effectively and activities quickly.

Configure the software, as you please.

Your business is unique. Go ahead, configure AMANDA based on the rules and regulations of your jurisdiction.

Scale your apps at will.

Add more applications. Increase the performance of just one application. Or add more databases. The choice is yours.

AMANDA comes built-in with many layers of security.
It keeps your data safe and sound in 3 ways.

  • Authenticate
  • Control Access
  • Encrypt

Authenticate your database.

Enable single sign-on.

Include Active Directory & LDAP.

Create user groups.

Provide row level security. Set button, function permissions, by user.

Encrypt confidential folders. Protect user data.

Support industry standard encryption.

Supports 128-bit encryption for session management, logging, auditing, SSL & HTTPs, and database communications.

Encrypt user credentials. Secure user, row selections, tables. Enable power user id's/password.

Many provincial agencies in Nova Scotia opt for AMANDA
Brad Wiles, IT Manager, Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations, describes how AMANDA became the choice for several provincial agencies after it was implemented in Nova Scotia in 1998.

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